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Sustainability Kills Innovation

  • Pennsylvania State University (map)

In collaboration with Ryan Salvas. This paper seeks to set the framework for a pedagogy predicated on understanding, predicting, and capitalizing on the catalyst in design innovation.  As sustainability, integrated project delivery, and building information modeling become increasingly relevant, and even mandatory in the profession, a design culture of expediency and efficiency has the potential to overshadow the many benefits of an architectural process laden with inquisitive discovery.  One response, which is being practiced in the foundation architecture studios at Auburn University, is to not resist the evolution of the field, but to understand how to teach the sustainability of design innovation by teasing out the inventive processes, oftentimes a product of time and toil, through fast-paced, reactive teaching. This pedagogical process is based on maintaining an iterative drive, allowing for emergent ecologies of production to develop, understanding the framework of goals without the direct knowledge of the outcomes as well as the encouragement of a creative and innovative response to evolving circumstance.  

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